Fears & Shears


Everyone has a story. Some are compelling, others tragic and yet some are just absolutely inspiring. My story isn't just one. I have thousands of stories on many different timelines. Up until recently I believed in my stories as my reality. But it only takes a moment of awakening to realize that your stories are fictional shadows of the truth. A one sided self created fallacy. The truth is in the silence. I find myself verbalizing my stories as a way of finding a way to disprove myself-and yet the stories get stronger through the repitition. 

Today i observe the stories for awhile and let them pass through before verbalizing them. Verbalizing the stories only gives them life only to be dissipated by a moment of awakening. When you verbalize a story you create suffering for you and others. Even a good story can have an adverse effect - today I choose to be quite more often. I do my best to choose what comes out of my mouth carefully. It's typical for me to slip but the awareness of the slip up is enough.  

The relation of this to what I draw isn't an obvious one or maybe it is. Buts that's what I'm here to say for now.