Change the world

Every morning I wake up and while taking a shower a fleeting thought passes through my mind; "Today I'm gonna change the world" - most often the thought just passes through, other times it sticks. "But how? I'm not big enough, rich enough, powerful enough... How can I change the world?!l"

These days I don't worry about HOW anymore. I have realized that I'm enough (sometimes I forget that fact too!) - but just being and doing what I do the best way I know how changes the world. I might not see the impact I make right away, but that's ok. That impact is seen in my kids, my friends and loved ones. And the impact they make on the world will change the world and on and on... That's enough. That's perfect. In turn they all impact me. And there's the realization that we are all one organism. We are all the same. You can be on your own and create something for yourself and no one ever sees it and you've impacted the world. Because you are the world.