Complex Art - Mixed Media Multiple Original 2019 Sabet


Complex Art - Mixed Media Multiple Original 2019 Sabet

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Sabet Mixed Media Original - Ink, Watercolor on 13" x 19" Archival Paper

You're placing an order for a Mixed Media Original by Ali Sabet. Each piece is carefully hand painted and embellished by the artist. 

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What is a Sabet Mixed Media Original?

 Over the past decade, I have been developing and refining my Sabet original paintings using a variety of time honored traditional painting and illustration techniques.

As you have seen my work develop and attract international recognition from private collectors to gallery owners, I have continued to grow as an artist incorporating new and innovative techniques that enhance and increase the value of my art.

After thousands of paintings, I have refined and incorporated these additional tools and techniques to truly express the love and joy that I transfer into each Sabet Original Mixed Media piece.

My process starts by thinking of the subject matter and the emotion I want to convey using a digital painting app that allows me to define and control each illustration line.

Having the control over my base form and being able to edit it to exactly what I want is the second part of my process. The third step is to hand paint the piece to make it come alive in both expression, mood and meaning.  After hours of refining and polishing the piece, I create a base Giclee print on ultra premium, acid free archival art paper. I then paint or ink over each piece adding even more dimension and color. My final step is to inspect the overall design, color and composition before I name and hand sign the piece.

My unique and innovative artistic process creates a one of a kind piece, as it would be impossible for my hands and spirit to recreate all of the hand work, painting, inking, free flow script writing, touch-ups and final artistic stylizing that is found in every Sabet Mixed Media Original.

After the piece completes the 24 hour drying phase, I critique it one last time to make sure it exceeds my artistic expectations and then and only then will I allow my work to be documented into the Sabet Art Book.


Ali Sabet